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Video Editing Service Rate 

Editing an epic looking action video used to be way too expensive. We will do it for $20 per 10 minutes of raw footage that you give us. You pay at the end too. Check out your draft first and you can even request edits. 2edit4you is the video editing service you’ve been looking for!

Go Pro / Action Videos

Whatever you’re into, you more than likely have a stack of adventure video footage that you have no idea how to edit. That’s where we come in. 2edit4you takes your raw Go Pro footage and turns it into videos worth bragging about. It’s as easy as uploading your video files and leaving the rest to our amazing video editors. Time is the most valuable possession we have and most of us don’t have enough of it. We get that you want to spend your time catching waves or climbing mountains and not in front of a screen. Our video editors can handle whatever video you throw at them. Upload your raw video footage with your music choice to your video project in our 2edit4you file. Your video editor will cut, sync, and craft your video to your selected music.

Vacation Videos

The days of flicking through holiday snaps are long gone. Capturing your vacation memories on video are where it’s at. Whether it’s a family reunion or backpacking with your mates, chances are you’ve never looked at it again. Sound familiar? Most of those videos will stay on your phone or video camera for the rest of time! After all, one of the best things about a good vacation is being able to reminisce over it in years to come. Creating an edited video of your vacation footage is easy.

Corporate Videos

Showcase your brand or product with great videos that set you apart from the competitors. Professional looking videos is easy with the video editing service. Does your company provide a service? Use a video to explain to your target audience what service you provide and how they can use it. As a professional it’s unlikely you have the time required to edit your company videos. 2edit4you will get it back to you within 24 hours. You can start using it straight away across social media, advertising, or your website. Professional videos are a great way to get your message and brand across to a wider audience.


Are you the next YouTube sensation? You think so, and so do your mates. You’ve filmed a bunch of stuff and have a decent amount of footage, now you need to edit it and make it YouTube worthy.If you’re a pro in front of the camera but not so much on the editing front, 2edit4you can help. Ready to create vlogs that will increase your subscribers and keep viewers engaged ?


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